Office premises

Office space on floor +1. Location along the facade on the north side.

Entrance to the premises from the common corridor. Toilets in the core of the building.

The given net area should include the share of the common parts of the building and the floor on which the premises are located.


Annual usable energy demand index: EU = 81,82 kWh/(m2·year)

Annual final energy demand index: EF = 65,51 kWh/(m2·year)

Annual non-renewable primary energy demand index: EP = 170,97 kWh/(m2·year)

Unit CO2 emmision: ECO2 = 0,02t CO2/(m2·year)

Share of renewable energy sources in the annual final energy demand: UOZE = 13,62%

Number: OFF.U.1.2
Availability: Leased
Area: 48.51 m2
Type: Office premises

Advantages of the development

OFFICER is a modern office and service building located in the Wzgórze Sw. Maksymiliana district, at the intersection of Swietojanska Street, Marsz. Piłsudskiego Avenue, and Zwyciestwa Avenue. The building’s location is one of the most recognizable in all of Gdynia. Its proximity to the City Hall, Central Park, Municipal Theatre, Riviera Shopping Centre, and the Seaside Boulevard makes this place even more distinctive and unique. An undeniable advantage of the investment is its proximity to the SKM station and bus stops.

OFFICER stands out for its modernist Gdynia architecture and elegant interiors. The building is equipped with numerous modern solutions, ensuring the highest comfort and safety for its users. It’s worth mentioning that the facility also incorporates solutions known from the past but rarely seen in buildings of this type today, such as tilt windows. Great care was also taken during the design and implementation stages to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The building has 6 above-ground floors and 2 underground floors (with 39 parking spaces) and over 4700 m2 of usable space. Tenants have access to bicycle infrastructure – on level -1, there are changing rooms with showers, and bicycle parking is available on level -2 and in the internal patio. In front of the main entrance to the building from Marsz. Piłsudskiego Avenue, there is a city parking area. Office premises on the +5th floor have exclusive access to two terraces.

On the ground floor, service premises have been designed with main entrances located on Zwyciestwa Avenue and Marsz. Piłsudskiego Avenue (one of them serves as the ALLCON sales office; the others are in the process of commercialization). The higher floors contain office spaces, with the majority of office spaces belonging to ALLCON, which moved to the new building in March 2023. Two premises on the first floor are still waiting for their tenants.

Additionally, the office building is subject to BREEAM certification at the EXCELLENT level. Thanks to this certification, building users not only have a guarantee that the building is constructed with environmental protection in mind, but also that effective technologies used in it allow for the optimization of operating costs.

The general contractor for the investment was ALLCON general contracting company.

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